Temperature play and why it is sexy


So, temperature play. You’ve read about it, and you think it is a great idea, but you want to learn more. Well, I am here to tell you that temperature play is an incredibly sexy thing and I personally cannot recommend it enough!

Temperature play is a simple aspect of kink, where you use different items to produce a highly erotic effect on your partner’s body. Your partner and you can use a number of things, such as ice cubes, warm cloths and other fun aspects to make things pop.

For example, you can keep the temperature of the room cold and use warmed up toys or massage oil. You can keep the room very hot and revel in the sweat it brings when you move together.

You can use hot candle wax (play safely) and drip it along your partners body, or you can slip an ice-cube somewhere intimate for a really intense sensation.

Temperature play is sexy because of the intimacy, the intensity of the sensations and so, so much more. It is so erotic and hot and amazing and damn, you will love it when you try it!

As with most kinks, it is good to start off slower and build up to something more. Always make sure that you talk it out with your partner and make sure you both know the limits, boundaries and other important information like that.

If you have done all that and are ready to go, then I recommend starting with something like ice, or maybe heatable massage oil, to spice things up, without being too intense. Then, once you both find out what you like, you can take it from there and really enjoy yourselves! Don’t limit yourself, and make sure that you take chances, have fun and get into it.

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