Lingerie trends of 2019!

Are you thinking of updating your lingerie collection this year? Never fear! We have the scoop on lingerie trends that are topping 2019 and setting us in the rights direction. No longer will you be limited by size, or looks over comfort. These have passed and now exotic lingerie is headed in the direction of style along with comfort and fit. Who knew that you could achieve such a combination?

Sensual Lingerie has certainly changed with the times and this year we are seeing a rise in breathable fabrics such as cotton. Thats right ladies, no more synthetics that affect you negatively down there. Cotton briefs are back from the decades passed, such as the 80s and 90s, and there is a good reason for it. Comfort is coming back! You can even invest in pieces that are a lace like look, but a cotton feel so they are both attractive to the eye as well as comfortable.

Push up bras and over padding are a thing of the past. In 2019 there is a rise in soft cup bras.No more do you simply have to choose from uncomfortable underwire or a largely padded piece, more and more companies are choosing to go with bras that have no padding at all, adding to the comfort. This can extend to bodysuit lingerie and one piece lingerie as well.

The full brief panty is back in a big way for 2019. The sale of g-string panties has plummeted and full briefs are being purchased more and more in comparison. The senior lingerie buyer of David Jones, Angela Favaloro, has recently said that “people are embracing their curves and going out there and getting something that fits them correctly and that they feel comfortable in,” and the full brief panty certainly fits the bill!

Gone are the days when your underwear falls into the black or nude colouring patterns. In 2019 you can look forward to embracing the wide range of bright colours that give you a whole lot more choice and diversity in your underwear draw.

Finally, the kinky lingerie industry is changing the way that they do sizing. To accommodate the diversifying market in terms of size, pieces are no longer being limited by the number of sizes and cups. Smaller brands have driven the movement and now all the big brands are looking to provide sizes for all shapes, so no matter what your size you can find the exotic lingerie that you want!

So, in 2019 you can look forward to the ever changing lingerie market. There is evidently a shift from what is traditionally attractive for the men and women who are investing in lingerie and they are taking into account style and fashion. Lingerie is a huge market, a billion dollar industry and it is about time that they incorporated the two in order to make something women will want to wear all day long! You no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. There is something out there fr everyone and all you need to do is start looking to update your lingerie collection!

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